Tmreya: Bite-Sized Dates Galore in the Gulf


Dates have been in our lives since God knows when. From all the different types of dates available, you can’t help but have a couple to get that extra energy boost for your day. What’s better than having a regular date? Having a Kinder, Aero covered date, or something like strawberry, cinnamon, or caramel sounds so delightful just imagining it. This concept is truly remarkable and quite original.

Tmreya is a brand that offers tiny bite-sized dates with different combinations of toppings and dips. Located in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Tmreya’s wide collection is sure to suit every taste. “We pride ourselves on our originality, creative expertise which that guide us to make Tmreya in a new style and with different flavors such as Oreo, nuts, marshmallows, digestive paste, cacao, dry fruits and many other flavors,” said the Tmreya team.

Visit www.tmreya.com for more information about their products and locations around the Gulf region.

- Adnan Al-Timimi

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